API User Portal Website#

The API User Portal is a place to view information about your interactions with the Infinity API, including API usage, status of your synthetic generation jobs, and more.

You may log in to the Infinity API Portal at https://api.toinfinity.ai/admin/. You will need to register for an account if you don’t already have one.

From the homepage, you will have access to

  • Batches - information about the batches you have submitted and their individual jobs. Note that you can search for a batch by ID or by name.

  • Job run summary - summary statistics related to the jobs you have run (including the number of samples/frames you have generated), selectable by date.

  • Job runs - detailed information about specific jobs from your batches, including the parameters used. Note that you can search for a job by ID.

  • Generators - Detailed information about the generators you have access to, including input parameters and their valid ranges.

This screenshot shows the User Portal information provided for a particular Batch.

Infinity API User Portal - batch status